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Pavilion: 11 shows in 18 months...

Between 2002 - 2004, Pavilion (directed and curated by William Titley), presented the work of 10 visual artists from across the UK, Europe and East Asia: producing eleven shows in a renovated bedsit space in East Lancashire, UK.


24 hr Residency:

Part of the exhibition programme included several successful '24hr residencies', where artists spent the night at the bedsit gallery making work for a solo show the following evening.

Pavilion activities generated interest from the local community and exhibitions took place inside the space and outside in the public realm. 

'Spatial Ownership': W.Titley. UK 'Modern Primitive': B.Born. Germany'Potential Hits': M.Dawson. UK

'Static Automatic': H. Dhaimish. UK'Micro-scope': A. Dumitriu. UK'Bonnie Colne on Yonder Hill': W.Titley. UK

'Structured Layers': Ken Byers. UK 'Floorspace': L.Erliz. UK 'All there is...': G.Parr. UK

'Cups of Tea': Naoko Takahashi. Japan'Untitled/Drawing': Paul Harper. UK