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Me and My Place: Burnley, UK.2008

21 C-types prints, alluminium (76.2 x 43.21cm).


Claire & VickyDonnaDrew & Lewis

Holy TrinityJenniferJimmy

JoeKatherine & FamilyLily & Debi

LindaLisa & NickiMartin


Theresa & NorahWalterHealey Wood Youth Group

Audio duration: 30mins.




Originally installed in empty retail premises in Burnley.

Participants were interviewed about a significant locality in their lives. They had two portraits taken in their place of choice: one from the front and one from the back.

The two sets of prints were then separated and shared between the public venue and the private homes of all participants.

The public installation presents the audience with anonymous portrait-landscapes together with an audio commentary of their stories: from childhood memories to current situations of enforced displacement.

The traditional portraits (facing the camera) were presented to each participant for private hanging in their homes in Southwest Burnley, UK.

This project was commissioned as part of a community engagement strategy for Channel 4's 'Big Art Project'. 2008