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Illuminating Ground:

The aim of the project was to raise public awareness to the cultural value of a plot of land once home to the forgotten hamlet of Waterside, often referred to as ‘Wapping’, demolished during the 1930s ‘Slum Clearance Act’.

A project involving historians, teachers, school children, archaeologists and local businesses.

An archeaological excavation took place on site in accordance with archaeological standard practice: land was stripped, grid-referenced and artefacts were logged with ID number, date and site number.

After presenting all the artefacts in a public display, they were set into a block of clear-cast resin and placed back into the land and illuminated from underneath for evening viewing.

digging the siteartefactset artefacts in resin

digging a hole for displaydigging deeperpositioning torches for illumination

positioning the heavy resin blockInstallation Coordinator: Steven Heslopaudience event

Resin block in ground