William Titley


Galleries: Waterloo Pavilions, Blackburn.





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'A Grand Day Out': part of the 'plAAy' exhibition at Waterloo Pavilions, Blackburn, Lancashire.July 08

Front view of hanging piece

'A Grand Day Out': 6 x 12ft, 204 canvases, 416 treasury tags, 3 broom handles.

The work was originally conceived in 1997 and has taken many forms since its creation: from snapshot to painting and 3 dimensional sculptures to conceptual installation, the work offers opportunities for the artist to play around with ideas of display and representation.

For the plAAy exhibition, the artist chose to connect all 204 tiny canvases together, enabling viewers to glimpse the original composition of the painting, echoing the repetitive process and yet playful challenge of jigsaw puzzle construction.

memories on the rear of canvases

The work has multiple visual and conceptual layers: on the back of each tiny canvas is a memory, chosen and scribed by an entire school in East Lancashire during one of its transformations.