William Titley




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PLEASE READ IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All items for sale are from the artists private collection.


'Illuminating Ground'

1000 Staring Eyes Pencil on Paper

1000 staring eyes clsup

'Illuminating Ground': 2012 Resin/Historical Artefacts/Recycled House Timbers. Approx 36x36x28cm.

Please go to project page here for more information about this unique object.



Landmass 3D for sale

Landmass raku recycled wood

'Landmass': 2011 Raku/Recycled House Timbers. Approx 100x100x100cm.


'Time Gentlemen Please': 3D Artefact

Time Clock 3D for sale

'Time Gentlemen Please': 2005 - 3D Audio/Visual, Pigeon Racing Clock, Neon Lights, Audio Electronics. Approx 23x20x18.