William Titley


Galleries: Rogue, Manchester.





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Rogue Project Space, Manchester: 'Flower of Lahore'- 2010

In 2008, William Titley won an award from The Juliet Gomperts Trust in London. He used the award to visit Pakistan for 21 days in Aug/Sept.

Drawing from his experience and over 1500 photographs, sketches and diary entries, Williams work represents a sense of place and culture using a variety of media including video, painting, drawing and sculpture.

‘I feel like I’m trying to connect with the cultural aspects of the journey through a certain technique or process like the use of gold leaf, the production of miniatures and the makeshift quality of the sculpture held together by its own weight.’

The title ‘Flower of Lahore’ refers to an incident outside the artists’ hotel window, where hundreds of women had queued for three days to buy ‘cut priced’ flour.

There seemed to be no logic as to how the man with the power was accepting or declining the tickets from the screaming women, who had queued in an orderly fashion until the third day.

video still flower video still man emerging

'Flower of Lahore': video stills.


Something for everyone at the preview evening.