William Titley


Galleries: PR1 Gallery, Preston.





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PR1 Gallery, Preston, UK.

‘House’: Nov 07
Exhibition of limited edition prints by
Patricia Ramsden & William Titley

The work is directly informed by a real life situation in East Lancashire, where residents are experiencing the effects of regeneration strategies and the decision to demolish their homes.

‘House’ presents work by Ramsden (Inkjet: Interiors. 20x25cm) and Titley (Non-toxic Intaglio: Windows & Doors. 20x20cm), exploring the internal and external space of the doomed ‘2up/2down’ domestic dwellings.

5 Prints in a row

Long row of prints going off into the distance

two sets of 5 prints on foyer columns

2 walls displaying 2 rows of prints

Long row of prints

The work, engaging in a sense of place, is informed by a discursive interest in anthropology, cultural histories, architecture and political theory.

For further information on Demolition Street.