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One And All: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.2008.

One And All was a project that brought artists together with a context of community working. The project took place between December 2007 and April 2009, culminating in two shows - one across various locations around the city served by CN4M (Community Network For Manchester)and one at Castlefield Gallery.

William got his inspiration for 'Monument' after attending a series of community meetings relating to sustainable communities.

His work was installed at North City Library on Rochdale Road. The building prides itself on its sustainable credentials and is an example of a partnership approach to regeneration

ground floor 1 groundfloor2

The bottom of the sculpture contains water and is illuminated internally with submerged coloured lamps, complete with dome fountains and mist foggers.

from above

The piece was also displayed at Castlefield Gallery, alongside works by other artists taking part in the network project.

castlefield 1 closeup

The work is a temporary monument to the few people who turned up each week to fight for their neighbourhood. It's a celebration of their beliefs and hopes for a sustainable future.

castlefield 2