William Titley


Galleries: Holden Gallery, Manchester.





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Holden Gallery, MMU. Manchester.

Group show:2002, exploring methods and processes of navigation, the self and location.


Selection of work exploring ideas of navigation, displacement and notions of home.

all roads map

'All Roads': (approx. 4 x 2mtrs) Every road or footpath that I have ever been on was traced in a Road Atlas booklet. Only pages that have been crossed are displayed.

video monitor

'There & Back Again': (Approx. 3.30mins) A video documenting the exchange of four feral pigeons: two from a back street in Lancashire and two from Trafalgar Square in London. Both pairs were liberated in the opposite pairs' territory.

bird basket

'Transit Camp': Finest Belgian Reed Bird Basket with aromatic 'Pigeon Tea'. (approx. 30 x 30 cm's)

shit pix

'Shit Pix': (6 of) Pigeon droppings, time in transit, Arches watercolour paper basket template, float mounted in washed ash frames (approx 44 x 48cms).

homebase on plynth

'Homebase':Concept model. 3D representation of all roads travelled in local area. Tiling grout (approx 70x 70cm).

homebase on map

'Homebase': Close up view. The more times travelled on any route, the more layers applied to the map: the closer to home, the higher the walls.