William Titley




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PLEASE READ IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All items are from the artists private collection.


'Lahore Chandigarh': Artist Book

Lahore Chandigarh signed book for sale

'Lahore Chandigarh': 2012 Artist Book 20x14cm.

240 pages, b/w digital prints, perfect bound with blind embossed cover.
ISBN 978-0-9554693-9-8
Limited Edition of 140



'Radar 3': Artist Book Set

radar book for sale

radar 2 book for sale

radar book for sale microfilm

'Radar 3':2011 Artist Book Set. Boxed set of triple format document, including Zine, Microfilm and Microfiche. Highly collectable work by 'The Lost Artist': presenting a collection of tweets and personal drawings.

Limited edition of 10



'RADAR-Originals': Artist Book

Radar original Documents For Sale

RADAR Original Documents For Sale

'RADAR-Originals': 2011 Artist Book, The Original Manuscript (Inkjet on A4 Tracing Paper) by the artist post-microfiche processing(complete with finger prints).

Collectors Edition: 1 only 


'Reg Bradley' Artist Pocket Book

Reg Bradley Book for sale

'Reg Bradley' 2011 Artist Pocket Book 10.5x15cm.

Regeneration Project in Nelson East Lancashire, contains original blog entries/photos by the artist and essays by Dr Stephanie Hawke and Elaine Speight.

Limited Edition of 200. 


'Waterside': Artist Book

Wterside Leather Bound Book

'Waterside': 2001 Artist Book Leather Spine/corners/Gold Embossing.

A beautiful (one of a kind) professionally hand bound book, documenting two projects from the area of Waterside in The South Valley of Colne, East Lancashire in 2001: 'Illumintaing Ground' and 'Times'. Approx 22x16x1.5cm.


'The Egg': Artist Book

the egg clsup

'The Egg': 2003 Artist Book -Dummy Pigeon Egg/Digital Print/Rubber Band.

Scroll Approx 36x2.8cm. Egg 4.3x3.2cm.